cat spray

The first and most famous spray most folks, especially those who hate animals, pets and especially cats, don’t like. But the second cat spray may surprise many folks, especially those who really love the feline species and those, no need to boast about it, who just happen to have one or two furry friends purring and pattering about the house all day. If they are not doing that, they will be taking what is known as the good old cat nap.

Or sunning themselves out on the porch. This is conducive to a loving environment for feline pets. At the best of times, they love peace and quiet. They do love to have you about the place too, no matter how independent they are. Now, the second spray will surprise you. Why should you fall in love with this spray? Well, because its odor is a lot better and it is something you can purchase from the vet or pet store. 

It just cannot be helped. You have to go to work in the morning. And because you are living in a high rise apartment and just to be safe, you keep your little one ensconced inside. But it confuses you once the cat starts to spray. Apart from missing you the whole day, the domestic environment and neighboring environments which the cat cannot see but certainly sense, can distract it somewhat to the point of spraying.

By spraying a little cat-friendly and people friendly pheromone spray of your own, you help to keep the cat calm during the day while you are away. And if it likes to scratch, it makes sense to give it a nicely scented scratching post as well.